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Argentina Suspends Payment of Reciprocity Fee for Holders of US Passports

Rejoice! Starting today, the Argentine government has suspended the mandatory payment of the so-called “reciprocity fee” for US passport holders until further notice. The policy reversal was posted today on the official website of the Argentine embassy in the US and is part of a series of agreements reached between Argentina and the United States this week during Barack Obama’s visit.

This means that if you had never visited Argentina and were planning to do so, you will no longer be required to pay US $140 to enter the country.

The suspension is allegedly “until further notice” (or, as some local media outlets say, 90 days) but the government is expected to drop it completely soon, as part of an ongoing effort to get Argentina back on the Visa Waiver Program, which allows Argentine citizens to travel to the United States without the need of a visa.

The change has already been announced on the Argentine embassy’s website.

Tourism minister Gustavo Santos said the measure “will help increase the number of US tourists in Argentina” and said the Government is expected at least half a million tourists by 2019.

The fee was created under the Fernández de Kirchner administration back in 2009 and targeted travelers from countries that required Argentines to pay for a visa in order to enter, such as the US and Australia.

Thanks Obama!!

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