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Panama Tourist Visa reduced to 90 days

The Panama Tourist Visa was reduced to 90 days, following presidential decree 590 from December 28 2016 published in the government’s Gazette (La Gaceta) on January 10 2017.

The growing immigration population working with a tourist visa triggered the changes, according to the newspaper La Estrella de Panama. Colombia and Venezuela are the main source of immigrants in Panama.

What does it mean for the expat community? **

The changes apply to those nationalities that require a stamped visa to enter Panama.

Citizens of Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Australia require only a valid passport to enter Panama. The changes from presidential decree 590 will have NO consequences for those who hold passports from these countries. In fact, the US embassy has communicated to many American expats they can still remain in the country for 180 days with a Tourist status.

However, Panama requires a stamped tourist visa for citizens from the majority of Africa and Asia, and some European countries. Citizens from these countries will see reduced the length of their stay.

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