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Kid-Friendly Jamaica

Jamaica has famously been known as an island playground for couples, honeymooners and singles looking for fun. Its warm weather, plentiful beaches, relaxed locals, ample activities and low-cost accommodations also make it an attractive destination for families as well. Your kids will love all Jamaica has to offer, especially if they’re adventurous type. From taking a ride in a 4X4, flying down a jungle zip line or hunting for crocodiles, to taking a horseback ride or visiting historic sites, Jamaica has you and your family covered -- here’s our list of diverse activities for kids (and parents) to enjoy.

1. Dolphin Cove, Ocho Rios

Your kids will love this fun and open marine park attraction full of exotic birds, snakes, iguanas, stingrays, sharks and dolphins. This aquatic center in the town of Ocho Rios has interactive programs in which your kids can feed, pet and even kiss the park’s well-trained and lovable dolphins. If they’re really adventurous, they can even get a dolphin piggyback ride as they’re pulled through the water holding onto Flipper’s fins.

2. Chukka Adventures, Montego Bay

If your child likes riding horses, then they just may love riding one in the water, too! Once they’ve enjoyed a leisurely horseback ride through the Jamaican backcountry, complete with a handy tour guide who doubles as a wrangler, they can swim horse backin the warm Caribbean Sea. Your child will have to be strong enough to keep hold of the horse’s reins … and good-natured enough to withstand some friendly splashing and snorting.

3. Black River Safari, South Coast

Crocodile Dundee isn’t the only person who loves crocodiles. Just ask the tour guide on the Black River Safari tour. He will take you and your kids on a 6-mile, 1.5-hour tour of Jamaica’s largest navigable river and wetland area. As your kids keep their eyes open to spot the endangered American crocodile that calls the river home, they’ll also see several species of birds like herons, egrets a